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I know I have been acting weird. Yeah, really, I dont quite act the way I am nowadays. If someone leaves me.. well, they just do, right? I’m strong! Remember?

However jaan, ebar ami hote parchina . Why ? Basically because I dont feel right. I dont think that 2+2 is adding up for four. for some reason, its becoming anything BUT four. and thats where the whole problem lies.

 Jaan you have always been saying to people that our relationship was becoming a burden to you, and that you were suffocating yourself with me. But then again, wasnt I fun ? Even a bit? Did not I care enough for you? Did not I love you enough to overlook anything and everything by you? I did, right? Ajke tomake ekta story boli , hmm? Tomar kache hoyto bhalo lagbe, hoyto lagbe na.. jaano amader shathe jedin officially tumi bolla you have another guy in your life (jaan, eta keno korechila? Just to hurt me? Then wallah, you’ve hurt me alright) shedin we werent the only couple breaking up. There was yet another couple – and that was mim and fahad. Remember them? Mim left fahad at that very day. Let me tell you how it all happened.

 Mim’s family was not really with the whole marriage. So mim er kache mim er friends der pathiyeche… just to talk to her. Now, you do know that family life e shomoshsha shob shomoy thake, right? Thats the problems mim and fahad had.. well, tarporeo shob thik chilo because relationship e ektu adhtu prob thakei. but oi friends gulor shathe jokhon kotha bola arombho korlo … she changed. Take or friends ra change kore diyeche… kept on talking and talking about bad stuffs.. and mim o tokhon miththa mittha baray baray bolto… ei to… ebhabei jinishta aste aste noshto hoye giyeche. Ekhon mim chole giyeche taar ma er bashay.. and know what? the whole thing… can be settled in only one signle way… if mim comes back to fahad….

Jaan.. simillarity pachcho?

 Tomake-o ki manush kotha shonay ni?

Fahad protidin ekhono kade.

Ami-o kadi jaan.


Hello world!

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